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intensify 7.5oz



Intensify is a volumizing foam used to create.extreme volume, bend, and body. 

Who is it for? All hair types looking to add volume. 

Why is it different? With this unique “liquid-to-foam” formula, you will find that you can get your hair to move in ways it usually doesn’t. Foams tend to work well, but because of their dense properties, it ends up weighing the hair down as the day goes by. Used together to create stronger hair that is full of body and shine, our formula contains minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants such as vitamin A, E, C, aloe, copper, zinc and manganese. The patented ingredient ProElement is also added to drive these reparative nutrients deeply into the hair shaft for long-lasting results.

How is it used? Towel-dry shampooed hair. Add three pumps into the palm of hands and distribute the foam throughout hair. Remember to get an even amount all over the hair. Be sure to never put too much in any given area. The amount used should reflect the amount of desired performance: for straight hair in need of movement, use more; added volume, use a moderate amount; for hair with nice body looking for a slight hold, use the smallest amount.

At a rate of 2 pumps per use, this product should last approximately 120 days. 

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witch (1 of 1)-28.jpg