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style dryer attachments



Concentrator Attachment

DESCRIPTION: The Concentrator attachment is used to complete drying hair, provide direct heat to specific areas and allow extra control of cowlicks and flat spots.  If hair is wet prior to using StyleDryer, attach concentrator and use on high speed and warm temperature to blow dry hair in preparation for styling.  Styling with other attachments from this point will give you optimal results. 

Root Lift Attachment

DESCRIPTION: The Root Lift attachment is used to add extreme lift and volume at the root. When looking to achieve full, voluminous hair that holds all day, the Root Lift will provide control to create a long-lasting style. 

Use Root Lift on root area and underneath hair at high speed and warm temperature to add volume and fullness.  For best results, start with Root Lift at the bottom of hairline and work your way up to crown. 

Paddle Brush Attachment

DESCRIPTION: The Paddle Brush attachment is used to smooth and straighten hair, add shine, and control cowlicks and flat spots. 

Use the Paddle Brush on high speed and hot temperature.  Slowly run through hair for a sleek hairstyle that remains frizz-free all day. 

Round Brush Attachment

DESCRIPTION: The Round Brush attachment is perfect for creating volume and style, loose curls, styling ends, and controlling cowlicks and flat spots.  With the Round Brush you can blow out your hair in one step, creating loose waves and movement in hair that lacks texture. 

Volume: Use the Round Brush at high speed and hot temperature and wrap ends upwards no more than three rotations before unwinding to create effortless volume and movement in hair. 

Curl: Use the Round Brush at high speed and hot temperature and hold vertically at top of head.  Wrap section of hair around Round Brush and pull to ends in a twisting motion for soft curls. 


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witch (1 of 1)-1777.jpg