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Perfecter Swap Top (pink 3/4")



The Perfecter Pro Swap Top is the most costomizable experience you have ever had with a hot tool! 

Combined Dual Ceramic and Ionic technology, The Perfecter Pro Swap Top lifts, directs, smoothes, curls, and volumizes all hair types: thin to thick, straight to curly. 

This helps make styling your hair safer & easier giving you more body and shine than ever before with amazing salon-quality results.

Lock in your brush top. Turn handle to unlock position. Slide the side tabs on the chosen brush top into the openings on the handle. 

Push brush top in completely and turn handle to lock position.

Select your heat preference by holding the power button for about three seconds. 

You can choose a heat setting from 325F to 395F. 

Press the + or - button to increase or decrease in increments of 10 degrees. 

For super fine or damaged hair, choose low heat setting. For resistant, coarse, or heavy hair, choose higher setting.

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short pink.jpg

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