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The Calista StyleDryer Custom AirBrush is the next generation hybrid hair styling tool to volumize, lift, curl, smooth, and straighten hair. Combining blow drying with styling brushes, this one-step tool cuts down your styling time while easily creating your perfect customized hairstyle. StyleDryer soft grip and lightweight design offers four different styling attachments including the Concentrator, Root Lift, Round Brush, and Paddle Brush.  Designed for all hair lengths and types including fine, thick, straight, wavy and curly; allowing to dry and style in one step.  The StyleDryer provides better results while reducing styling time and fatigue caused by traditional blow dryers.

Created with QuietFlow technology, the StyleDryer combines 1200 watt power with lower noise, including multiple air and heat settings.  Tourmaline Ionic technology promotes healthy hair, fullness and shine. Developed with an ergonomic lightweight design and soft-touch grip, the StyleDryer is easy to handle and will not strain your wrists like traditional blow dryers and styling brushes. Includes 2 clips and a compact thermal travel case for convenient on-the-go use. 

How to use: The Calista StyleDryer Custom AirBrush can be used on towel-dried or dry hair.  Simply plug into outlet, connect your desired attachment, and set to preferred temperature and speed.  Each attachment will provide a unique result:

-Concentrator directs heat to specific areas

-Root Lift adds extreme volume and lift

-Round Brush creates volume, waves and soft curls

-Paddle Brush smooths and straightens

 Combine the use of attachments to customize your hair to the perfect style.  

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