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Long Ion Hot Rollers


Ion Hot Rollers are designed to give your hair body, wave, or curl, in less time, with less effort. 

Who is it for? Perfect for all hair types—fine, coarse, thin, thick, short, long, layered, or one-length--- looking for body, voluminous wave, and/or perfect curls in a short amount of time. 

Why is it different? These state-of-the-art curl rollers have the PTC heating element in the roller itself, allowing the rollers to fully heat as quick as 3 minutes and remain heated for up to 20 minutes. ION technology infuses multi-element mineral powders, far- infrared rays, and wave motion into each roller when it is cast, lasting the life of the roller and making them safe to use on your hair every day. This new technology infuses moisture, which results in healthy hair with extra body, added shine and longer lasting curl. The roller hair kit is small enough to be considered a travel-sized hot roller set, making it easy to take them wherever you go. 

How is it used? Plug in the base, place the rollers on it, and watch the red dot on the top of the roller turn dark in three minutes, letting you know they are heated. Roll sections of your hair onto a roller and use a clip to hold in place. Your long-lasting curl will be ready within three minutes, but the longer you leave the rollers in, the more tightly shaped the curl becomes. Because of the Ion technology, you will find the hot rollers add much more volume and curl to the hair. For softer looks, use fewer rollers than you would normally use with traditional rollers.


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One 6 base charger stand; 12 hair clips; 12 Ion Hot Rollers ; Travel pouch; Instruction booklet


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