About Calista Tools

Calista Tools are the new standard for beauty and hair care products.  Our
extensive line of professional hair tools - shampoos, conditioners, hair styling products, finishing sprays, and ion hot rollers - are hair nourishing giving you healthy hair with a salon styled look everyday at home.  Everyone wants a hair solution for their hair challenges.  

The Calista Tools professional hair styling products were created to provide a hair solution for all hair types - for dry hair, frizzy curly hair, for damaged hair, straight fine hair, African America hair and gray hair.  Each of the Calista Tools hair products can be used on all hair types because the products are light enough for the finest of hair and strong enough for the thickest and curliest as well. Everyone needs to buy hair products, why not buy healthy hair products which make it easy to create today's most fashionable hairstyles while
nourishing and strengthening the hair!


The Beginning

In 2004 haircare professionals, Maria McCool and Donald Moore, owners of the award winning Calista Grand Salon and Spa, recognized the need to create a  "hair solution" product line for all  hair types.  With over 65 years combined experience in  the beauty business, they began contacting other leaders in the beauty and hair products industries, asking questions about product development and product quality . In 2005 they began working with chemists to create what the 350 daily customers, being serviced in their award winning salon, were looking for - healthy hair products that would be  hair nourishing and strengthening, easy to use while delivering  great hair styles.  The standards for the Calista Tools line were set, the finest ingredients, Paraben free and Sulfate free, hair products, with the newest technology, backed by education and professional tips. Our hair products and tools allow the consumer to achieve the looks they receive from top salons on their own, at an affordable price.



The Launch

Calista Tools Embellish Texture Definer was the very first product completed. It launched on QVC in January 2007, and sold out in minutes. It was quickly followed by Calista Tools Amplify Shampoo for volume, which had the same sell out story. Currently Calista Tools have an extensive product line offering innovative products for all hair types. Calista Tools hair products continue to be featured on the QVC beauty shows. The Calista Tools product line are the professional hair tools used at the award winning Calista Grand Salon and Spa in West Chester, PA



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